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My Life In Tech: The Chitka Incident

RogueKiller fixed the Hosts file

A good customer recommended me to her sister-in-law because her sister-in-law needed some help finding her way around Windows 7.  My customer said, “I live just around the corner.  When you’re through there, would you come over and take a look at my computer.  I’m having some issues.” No problem.  I know better than to …

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My Life In Tech: Password Hell

Gateway All-In-One Computer

I set up a brand new Gateway All-In-One the other day for a lovely older couple.  They also needed files transferred from a ClickFree backup of their old XP PC, and a new printer/scanner set up. When I set up a new PC, I take out all the crap including Norton, put in a decent …

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My Life In Tech: Adventures With Restore

Seagate Freeagent Pro 320 GB external Hard Drive

First of all, what was HP thinking when they decided to turn off System Restore by default? Today I set up another HP Pavilion with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on it, and when I told PC Decrapifier to set a Restore Point, the Decrapifier complained that System Restore was off. And indeed it was.  …

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My Life In Tech: Just When I Thought I’d Seen Everything

[notice]I’m bringing some of the posts from an old blog over to this one.  I’ll kill off the old blog when I’ve got the good stuff over here.  This was originally posted July 11, 2010.[/notice] Lately I’ve been doing a lot of work  for people who just got a new PC with Windows 7 on …

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