Tech-Pets: Indy

My computer business is completely mobile.  I meet lots of people and their pets.

This is Indy, a lovely dog who helped me set up a Surface tablet in March 2015.


This is Indy

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Dépaysement: Everywhere A Sign

Dépaysement translates roughly as “change of scenery.”  It translates even more roughly as “The feeling that comes from not being in one’s own country.”

I am an American in Canada.  It takes some getting used to.


Passage Interdit

Passage Interdit


Thanks to The Huffington Post (believe it or not) for this.

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Merry Christmas 2014

Once again we welcome you to our Christmas tree.  This is our 18th year of live streaming.  We started doing this when it was still called “web casting.”

Our tree this year is a Douglas Fir from the best place in town: Elke’s popup Christmas Tree stand near the roundabout at Casorso and Benvoulin.

Enjoy the tree and feel free to comment.  Merry Christmas, everyone!


Live streaming video by Ustream

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Test post – RSS to MailChimp: Is this thing on?

Troubleshooting an RSS problem.  Or a MailChimp problem.  Or an ID10T problem.

Warhol's Light Bulbs

Thanks to Zetson for the CC-licensed image, via Flickr

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My Life In Tech: Staying Up Way Too Late

It’s midnight and I’m reading about SEO plugins for WordPress.  I’m testing one now.  I’m going to be upset with myself in the morning.

Here’s a nice picture.

Checkmate in Fall

This is an outdoor table in a pocket park in Kelowna, BC

Hope the weather holds.


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