My Life In Tech: WiFi Troubleshooting


I scoff at your WiFi

Although most of my work is with Windows machines, I often help customers and friends with Macs, tablets, and phones.  Troubleshooting is troubleshooting no matter what the problem: You have to start at one end or the other, but never in the middle.  So when asked about a problem with an Android phone the other day, I tried to connect to the wireless network in the house.

And I could not do it.

“It’s as if the phone isn’t seeing your network,” I explained, “But it’s seeing your neighbors’ networks just fine.”

“Oh, well the router is probably turned off.”  Someone went into another room and turned the router on, and that pretty much solved the phone-not-connecting-to-wifi part of the problem.  Eventually we got the rest of it sorted out.

“You shouldn’t really need to turn off the router,” I said.

“Oh, we don’t turn it off.  The cats turn it off.”


“Yeah, they push the button on the surge protector and turn it off.”

I want my own reality show.  I want someone to follow me around with a camera.

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