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Dépaysement: Here’s to us and those like us.

Canadian Whisky, American Whiskey

Dépaysement translates roughly as “change of scenery.”  It translates even more roughly as “The feeling that comes from not being in one’s own country.” I am an American in Canada.  It takes some getting used to.   Thanks to The Huffington Post (believe it or not) for this.  

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My Life In Tech: Why I Won’t Buy Seagate Hard Drives

Dead Seagate Hard Drive

When hard drives fail, all is not always lost.  Sometimes you can recover that data and put it on a working drive. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of Seagate hard drives fail.  I haven’t seen the same thing with Western Digital hard drives.  I won’t recommend Seagate drives, internal or external, to customers.  …

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