My Life In Tech: Don’t Reuse Those Passwords

My customers struggle with passwords.  So do I, a little, but I use KeePass to help me.  I am always pleasantly surprised when I go to a new customer and ask, “Do you know the password to your router?” and they immediately produce the CD sleeve with all the information on it.  I always document the router and wifi passwords when I set up or change or fix anything to do with the router or the wifi.

That just leaves the passwords for everything else that they have to organize.

I came across a product called the Internet Password Organizer.  It’s set up like an address book, so you can keep track of your passwords for your important websites in alphabetical order.  And there are pages for router and ISP information.  Not a bad idea for people who feel better about writing things down than about saving things to a file on a flash drive.  And it beats the heck out of Post-It Notes on the monitor.

Wondering how much it costs, I found this interesting page on Amazon.

Used passwords?

Used passwords?

Crazy, huh? Used costs more than New.  Maybe the used ones are full of passwords.


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