Service In Steel

Service In Steel

Service In Steel

I’ve blogged about Public Art in Kelowna and included some photos of the art.  But there are some interesting looking things in town that have nothing to do with art, and today I encountered something in the north end of town that made me reach for my camera.

At the very end of Ethel Street is a … scrap yard, I guess is what it is.  But  this place is filled with huge steel beams, rebar, pipes, machinery, and things I can’t even identify, all heaped in a lot behind a secured fence.  According to the signs, there’s video surveillance.

I found this place on a hot, sunny, Sunday afternoon.  There was no one around except I guess the video camera(s).

I got as close as I could and poked my camera through the fence to get some of the shots.  It was all angles and shadows and shades.  I hope you like the pictures.

You can see it for yourself if you head all the way to the end of Ethel Street.  The steel is on your right.  You can’t miss it.



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