Public Art in Kelowna: Run

My bike in front of the Run 2 sculpture on the Greenway

Bike to Run 2

I started blogging about Public Art in Kelowna last summer when the Kelowna Art Gallery presented Please Touch the Art: Art in the Public Space.  I picked up a brochure there (PDF) that listed 59 pieces of public art, got on my scooter and visited many of the installations. I posted about most of them as I visited and saved a couple for posts during the winter when scooter travel here is impractical.

It’s May, and a good time to continue the project.  I’m picking up with “Run” which is #47 in the brochure.

Run consists of three metal sculptures on the Greenway.  All three of them look like canoes or huge fish skeletons, take your pick.  They’re all roughly 14 feet long.  The artist is Richard Watts.  He comments:

The title of the work refers to a salmon run, as well as the joggers that use the park. It also references our culture’s pace of life: too often we run through life, not walk. Art should be arresting, and lead someone who is running to stop and have a different kind of experience.

The installation uses the metaphor of movement along a river as symbolic of movement through life and through time. It connects the movement of people with the migration patterns of fish and aquatic animals. These sculptures are no longer canoes, but become strange and new bodies: they are boats, they are us, they are fish, they are whales. These bodies are archaeological, positioned along Mission Creek like skeletal relics of creatures uncovered by the receding waters. As such they go back in time and project into the future.

Two of the sculptures are on the north side of the creek between Casorso and KLO, one near the viewing platform at the Casorso end and the other almost to KLO.  The third is on the north side of the creek by Michaelbrook Marsh.  I have photos of Run 2, the sculpture near the viewing platform.

No scooter this time.  I cycled along the Greenway because I’m getting ready to ride in the 30K Bikeathon in June.  I’ll be riding with Team Tweet4OK.  The Bikeathon is run by the Kelowna Gospel Mission which raises money to get housing for homeless people and fund programs to keep them housed.  If you’re reading this before June 16, 2012 and you would like to sponsor me on this ride, click this link to make a secure, online donation.  Any contribution, large or small, is welcome and appreciated!

No matter when you are reading this, I hope you’ll get out and see some of the Public Art in this town.  There is a list on the City of Kelowna website, here.  I hope to blog about all of it eventually.  Click on “Public Art” in the “What’s here” box on the right side of this page to see all the Public Art posts on the blog so far.

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  1. How cool is that? My company mentioned in an awesome post about public art!!!

    Thanks Cate! Love your blog and your interest in art.
    Public art is an important part of a vibrant community where people want to live and thrive.
    Art can not be confined into a Gallery or a “Cultural district” and still stay alive.

    I’m looking forward to riding with you and help end homelessnes

    1. I rode 25K on the Greenway last weekend. Now I just need to tack on that other 5K before the official ride. No stopping for the art next time!

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