Public Art in Kelowna: Growth

Last July the Kelowna Art Gallery’s exhibition “Please Touch the Art: Art in the Public Space”  made me want to vist and blog about all the public art in Kelowna.  In August and September I rode my scooter around town taking photos and blogging about some of the pieces.  (Check the Public Art category on the right side of this blog for a link to those posts.)

I knew then that it would be harder to blog about public art, most of which seems to be outside, in the middle of winter.  It’s January now, and the temperature has rocketed up to -2 degrees Celsius after almost a week of -14 Celsius.  I’m glad I saved some of the photos I took last summer for posting now.

Growth is stop #54 in the Guide to Public Art (PDF).  Seven sculptures installed in three locations in the Glenmore area make up this installation.  You can vist them all by taking a short walk along the Brandt’s Creek Linear Park from Kane Rd across from Tim Horton’s to the Valley Glen Wetlands, right by Yates Rd.

Sculptor Karl Ciesluk made seven stone sculptures.  According to the City website:

Each piece, made of natural stone, refers in an abstract way to a piece of fruit cut in half. All of the stones are different in size and shape, but each has a flat surface which is decorated using a variety of materials and techniques, including carving, mosaic, and added smaller elements resembling the ‘seeds’ in the stone fruit.

They’re interesting, and they’re nice to sit on.  They don’t remind me of fruit as much as the sculptures in Fruit Stand do.  I guess that’s why these are “abstract.”

It was a beautiful day in early August when I found the trail.  I met friendly dogs and people, and enjoyed sitting by Brandt’s Creek in the sunshine.

I hope to blog about all of it eventually.  Click on “Public Art” in the “What’s here” box on the right side of this page to see all the Public Art posts on the blog.  Better still, pick up the brochure and do a tour!


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