Public Art in Kelowna: Timeline/Waterline



Stop #40 on the Public Art in Kelowna tour is Timeline/Waterline, in the Abbott Street Heritage Conservation Area.  These six concrete panels with photos and maps set into them tell the story of the area.  The top of each panel is meant to look like sand on a beach.

This stretch of Abbott Street became a Heritage Conservation area in 1998.  The art was commissioned and installed in 2003.  The panels border a paved multi-use  pathway that runs along Abbott Street.  It’s heavily used by pedestrians, dog-walkers, joggers, people with strollers, cyclists, roller-bladers, and walkers.  The mostly-flat path is ideal for wheelchair users, as there are many curb cuts, most in useful places.  This is a really nice place for anyone to enjoy a stroll, especially in warm weather.



You can learn more about the houses in the Abbott Street Heritage Conservation Area, and enjoy looking at them as you walk along the street from a brochure published by the City (PDF) or on the City of Kelowna website, here.  You’ll also find  information about the nearby Marshall Street Heritage Conservation Area, and about a Heritage Driving Tour on that page.

Kelowna has over 59 Public Art installations.  I hope to blog about all of them.  To see all the Public Art posts so far, click on the Public Art link on the right side of this page, or on this link.   Better still, pick up the brochure and build your own tour!


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