Public Art in Kelowna – Peopled Place Part Two

Peopled Place Part Two

Peopled Place Part Two

Peopled Place Part Two is item #44 on the Public Art in Kelowna Tour.  The sculpture was installed in September 2000 in the South Pandosy area of the City.  It’s on the 2900 block of Pandosy, between Kelowna Cycle and H & R Block.

Local artist and UBC Okanagan Associate Professor Byron Johnston created the main tower from farm implements and industrial artifacts gathered from all over the Okanagan.  The tower is over 12′ high, and encloses the elements which Johnston welded together.  There is also a red archway meant to welcome people to the square.

I like the sculpture, but I’m also not convinced that it’s in a “square” where people congregate.  There IS a bus stop right there.


It’s an interesting sculpture, and pays tribute to the agricultural and industrial heritage of the area.  When the sculpture was first installed,  one Kevin Stringer, an intrepid reader of The Daily Courier newspaper wrote to say:

“Just a note from the village of Pandosy.  Thanks to the city’s civic art people for spending the $20,000 for a few cool pieces of junk welded together (art object on Pandosy).

“It really gives people something to talk about.  It’s a good meeting place; ‘Hey, meet me at that cool pile of junk thing.’  Very metropolitan…”

Byron Johnston remains part of the local art scene, recently working with UBCO students on a project in an old motel.  He is also responsible for the Dysfunctional Chair exhibit at the Kelowna Art Gallery.

Kelowna has over 59 Public Art installations.  I hope to blog about all of them.  To see all the Public Art posts so far, click on the Public Art link on the right side of this page.


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