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[notice]I’m bringing some of the posts from an old blog over to this one.  I’ll kill off the old blog when I’ve got the good stuff over here.  This was originally posted August 28, 2010.[/notice]

TeamViewer is a great little application for remote computer support.  I’m not supposed to use it for commercial purposes, and since I don’t have an extra $689 lying around just now, I only use it when I’m helping friends and family.

My dad told me he tried to update his Norton Internet Security but something went haywire, and now he can’t do much of anything on that computer.  Since we are about 2300 miles apart — and related — I figured I could come to the rescue via TeamViewer.

I still don't get it.

I still don't get it.

I sent my dad an email with the instructions for downloading the QuickSupport version.  I called him to see if he’d had a chance to do it.  It turns out that Dad is just confused about the difference between “Save” and “Run” on his Internet Explorer.

Now I see that the TeamViewer people have changed the website around so all I have to do is get him to the front door and have him click on “Join a session” but a couple of weeks ago when we were starting down this road, either that wasn’t there or I just plain missed it.

As I tried to remain calm and explain again and again what to do, I realized that how I was feeling right them must be a lot like the way my dad used to feel when he was “helping” me with my math homework.  I just didn’t get it, and no amount of talking about it was ever going to make a difference.  Now I think the same thing is true in reverse.

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