Public Art in Kelowna – Natural Language

Natural Language

Natural Language

Natural Language is Stop #12 on the Public Art in Kelowna tour.  Outside the main Library at 1380 Ellis Street is a 12-foot high stainless steel mobius form and a stainless steel spiral bench.

The mobius strip rotates!  You can walk right up to it and spin it.  Kids sit in the bottom loop and spin around until they get dizzy and fall out.

Letters and symbols from the alphabets of many languages are engraved on the mobius strip.

Birds, snakes, frogs, fish, insects, turtles, and I don’t know what all else are part of the bench.  Some are raised forms, some seem to be engraved, others are cutouts.  These are meant to represent the biological diversity of the region, according to the guide.

The artists Jennifer Macklem & Kip Jones spent almost a year creating the sculpture.  It was installed and dedicated in 2000.

You can find out more about Public Art in Kelowna here.  Grab a PDF of the brochure (featuring Bear on the front) here. I hope eventually to blog about all 59 sites.  Click on “Public Art” in the “What’s here” box on the right side of this page to see all the Public Art posts on the blog.

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